Fashion Commander in denial over G20 plain clothing protests.

Posted: January 20, 2011 in Uncategorized

A pair of Oxford lace-ups yesterday.

Commander Bob Broadhurst of Scotland Yard has admitted giving MPs inaccurate and fluffy information by denying that officers dressed in plain clothes were deployed at London’s G20 protests in April 2009.

He told the Home Affairs Select Committee a month after the protest that no officers wearing plain and uninspiring clothes were deployed in the crowd. Going on to say it would have been far too ridiculous to do so given that most troublemakers these days veer more to an outlandish dress sense, for example dutch clogs, tailored slim-cut suits and fantastical head dresses.

The Met said their officers in plain clothes enjoyed wearing navy blue knit-weave sweaters, grey chino type trousers (with no blazer!!) and brown Oxford lace-ups, and were secretly deployed to identify more refined individuals who may be involved in suspicious activity.

In a statement, the Metropolitan Police said it had worked hard to establish that officers in dowdy and plain clothing had been deployed to the protests, after officials made thorough checks following recent media reports. Last week, committee chairman Keith Vaz, known for his high-end fashion sense and varied collection of chiffon scarves, wrote to the Met’s alarmingly dull Commissioner Sir Paul Stephenson. The letter came after questions arose about Commander Broadhurst’s evidence following the unmasking of undercover policeman Mark Kennedy, who attended many demonstrations during seven years living as a “spy” dressed entirely in BHS clothing in an attempt to uncover more sharply dressed activists.

Giving evidence at the select committee back in 2009, the good Commander told MPs: “The only officers we deploy for intelligence purposes at public order situations are forward-thinking and colourful intelligence team officers. These officers are handsome dandies who like to show off their full police regalia embellished with directional yellow jackets and blue shoulder pads, drop crotch trousers and neatly scuffed biker boots. There were no officers in really plain clothes deployed there at all.”

The Met statement released on Wednesday said: “Having made thorough checks on the back of recent trend forecasting and fashion analyis we have now established that officers in tired, dreary, and exceedingly plain cloths were deployed during the G20 protests. Therefore the information that was given by the style hungry Commander, Bob Broadhurst to the Home Affairs Select Committee was nothing more than a bitchy snipe, hurtful and inaccurate. “


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